Economy Park and Ride Lot

Location 1350 N.W. 45th Avenue, Miami, FL 33126
Type of Parking Mostly long-term
Number of Spaces 460
Working Hours Daily 5:30 am – 11:30 pm
Frequency of shuttle bus 15-45 minutes
Payment Methods credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PaybyPhone
Phone 305-876-0118

“Economy Park and Ride Lot” is one of the best venues for Miami International Airport passengers to leave their cars. This extensive lot boasts spacious driveways and convenient parking spaces. At Economy Park and Ride Lot, there is enough space to manipulate the vehicle easily and safely put it at the necessary spot. There are 460 parking places available for MIA travelers.

What is Economy Park and Ride Lot?

“Economy Park and Ride Lot” has a convenient location, easily accessible from both, LeJeune Road and Perimeter Road. Its exact address is 1350 NW 45th Ave, Miami, FL 33126. This parking lot is located within a 6-minute ride to the terminals (or around a 40-minute walk). To make the journey from the car to the terminal more efficient, there’s the bus shuttle from the parking lot to the airport.

Shuttle Bus Service at Park and Ride

The shuttle is very convenient for travelers because it saves them from the necessity to walk long distances and carry heavy luggage with them.

“Park and Ride” administration announces that the shuttle is running every 15 minutes, but since May 1, 2024, this period is longer – every 30 minutes or so. The longer ride time is connected with the bus shuttle course changes because of the new parking garage construction.

The bus shuttle is free. It arrives at entrances 3, 11, and 26. These entrances are both pickup and drop-off places.

Working Hours

“Economy Park and Ride Lot” works from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm daily. “Economy Park and Ride Lot” offers, probably, the best price-quality ratio. It costs $12 per day, which is 50% lower than in MIA garages. They offer a variety of payment options in MIA, including but not limited to credit cards cash, and Apple Pay.

Users’ Opinion on Parking Ride

In general, “Economy Park and Ride Lot” has good reviews. The main disadvantage of this parking space, according to users’ reviews is the bus shuttle service. They say, there is just one bus, which carries people from the parking lot to the airport and back, and the ride takes up to 45 minutes and more. So, take this into account and calculate your time correctly, not to miss your plane.

The other problem, mentioned in users’ reviews, is the lack of parking places. The venue may be overcrowded, especially on holidays, so come earlier to be sure that you leave your car safely.