Terminals map

There are three terminals and six concourses at the airport. The North Terminal (blue, Concourses D), the Central Terminal (yellow, Concourses E, F, G), the South Terminal (red, Concourses E, F, G), and another three (red, Concourses H, J).

miami international airport maps

The concourses were numbered clockwise from 1 to 6 from the terminal’s inception until the mid-1970s. The luggage carousels and access to ground transportation are located on Level 1 of the facility. Level 2 has ticket sales/check-in, retail and food places in miami international airport options, and access to the check-in halls. Currently, the airport has two immigration and customs facilities: Concourse E on Level 1 and Concourse J on Level 3.

All terminals and concourses are linked, and the distances are relatively great; nevertheless, the airport has electric moving pathways called Skyride Connector on the third level, which allows you to go quicker. The Skytrain is also available at Concourse D of the North Terminal. The train operates every three minutes between gates D17, D24, D29, and D46.

Getting Around MIA gate

Getting Around MIA gate

Because Miami Airport’s equipment is universal, gates and terminals are not designated to individual airlines, giving the airport operational freedom and allowing the administration to make the most use of available production capacity.