Metrobus miami airport

In Miami, a lot of people use Metrobus buses in addition to Metrorail. Metrobus is the bus system of the City of Miami. This transport works every day of the year and also connects with all public transport systems, the Metrorail and the Metromover. With almost 900 buses and more than 95 different routes, the Metrobus takes you to practically any part of the city. Metrobus is a system widely used by tourists, especially to make connections or get to nearby places more comfortably. Many bus routes operate 24 hours a day and there are 3 special night service lines (between 11 and 6 in the morning).

Metrobus map miami airport

Miami-Dade Transit serves Miami Airport by MetroBus on routes number 7, 37, 42, 57, 133, 236, 238, and J (110).

Here are the most popular routes:

– Bus 37 between the City of Hialeah and South Miami Metrorail Station;
– Bus 42 between Miami Springs and the City of Coral Gables;
– Bus 57 operates between Airport TriRail Station and Jackson South Hospital on weekdays only.

The trip to the city center takes 30 to 40 minutes and costs $2.25 for the bus ticket. We advise getting the EASY card if you intend to use this transport regularly. The EASY card costs $5.65 for one day and $29.25 with a seven-day extension. Since the EASY Cards are rechargeable, you simply need to pay $2 in addition to the rate you select to cover the cost of the actual card (the plastic one). If you need to make transfers or prevent long ways, it is highly suggested that you have a card.

It is worth remembering that sometimes there are no ticket machines at the stops, so in order to be able to use the buses, you may need to buy a ticket in advance at the Metrorail station or buy a single ticket from the driver when boarding the bus. Payment to the driver is made only for the deducted cash ($2.25), which is thrown into the appropriate calculating device – you will see it immediately after boarding the bus. Also, please note that the entry is via the front door only (the rear door is only for getting off) and the driver is also the ticket controller. What is more, there are many stops on the routes of these lines, but what is very important, they are all on request.