North Terminal map

North Terminal map mia

The first and main terminal in MIA is the North one. It is the place from where American and American Eagle Airlines mostly depart on domestic flights to travel within the state. It has only one concourse marked as the letter D which is 1.2 miles long. About thirty million people visit this concourse every year. The terminal itself lists 45 gates, starting from D1 to D12, D14 to D17, D19 to D25, D29 to D33, D37 to D40, D42 to D 51,53,55, and 60.

Because there are no customs at the Terminal, the processing of international flight arrivals takes place in another terminal.

Structure Terminal N at Miami Airport

Structure Terminal N at Miami Airport :

  • Baggage access and entry to the local transport stops are located on the 1st level.
  • The ticket offices, registration desks, food areas, boutiques, and concourse exits can be found on the 2nd level.
  • Passport control and customs can be reached on the 3rd level.

The Customs serves travelers arriving through Concourses E, D, and F. Customs officers at Concourse J inspect travelers as they pass through the gates of Concourses J and H. Concourse G, as well as several gates on Concourses F and H, are solely used for domestic flights.

North Terminal map miami airport


The construction works of the terminal were completed in 2014 with the launch of the international-domestic transfer baggage system, which was sponsored by American Airlines. The automatic Skytrain, created by Parsons Corporation, was constructed in the year of 2010 and is currently used to transport arriving passengers from international flights that have not yet passed customs to sector D, as well as travelers on domestic flights, between the four stations of sector D.