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Every single day, about 25,000 folks take off from Miami International Airport (MIA). At least one-third of them want to find a place to park their cars inside or outside the airport. Travelers are looking for a secure spot that won’t cost them too much! Let’s check out the parking choices for either a shorter or longer stay at Miami International Airport.

Short-term parking options

Parking facility Exact Period Price Location Payment method
Upper Level and Lower Level Park One 20 minutes-1 hour-4 hours $2-$6-$25 adjacent to Flamingo and Dolphin Garages Cash;

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express);

Apple Pay;

Samsung Pay

Cell Phone Parking 30 minutes -1 hour Free LeJeune Road and NW 31 Street Free
Disabled Parking Up 2 hours Free the 3rd level and ground level of Dolphin and Flamingo garages Free

Long-term parking options

Parking facility Exact Period Price Location Payment method
Dolphin Garage From 4 hours up to 45 days $25 per day Concourses D – E Cash;

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express);

Apple Pay;

Samsung Pay

Flamingo Garage From 4 hours up to 45 days $25 per day Concourses E – J Cash;

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express);

Apple Pay;

Samsung Pay

Hotel Parking (Sheraton, Hilton, Regency etc.) Till you are checked Around $7 per night (not for 24 hours but for night, keep in mind!) Different Cash;

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express);

Apple Pay;

Samsung Pay

Economy Park and Ride Lot Till you are checked $12 per day 1350 N.W. 45th Avenue Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover)

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Park N Fly Till you are checked $17 for 24 hours 3901 NW 28th St Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Parking in MIA by Terminals

Miami Airport has three main terminals from where the planes fly out: North, Central, and South ones. Each terminal has its own parking spots for vehicles. The North part is like a VIP zone exclusively for American Airlines. In the North terminal’s Concourse D, you’ll find not just American Airlines, but also Oneworld, Canadian, and some other fancy carriers. The Central Terminal, on the other hand, has three areas called Concourses E, F, and G. Finally, the South Terminal is all about international flights and has Concourses H and J. Delta is like the main one, but a few other airlines are also present here.

MIA owns two parking garages: Dolphin and Flamingo ones. Passengers, who leave from North Terminal, use Dolphin Garage. Central and South terminal travelers can park their cars at Flamingo Garage. The garages are adjacent to terminal buildings, which makes them convenient to use.

Parking Miami airport

Quick Parking at MIA Garages

The parking facilities near MIA have different locations and serve different terminals. But they have the same rates for short-term parking. To park the car here, you’ll spend $2 for 20 minutes stay or $6 per an hour. After 4 hours of stay, you’ll be charged for the whole day of parking – $25.

The parking spots close to Miami Airport are adjacent to different parts of the airport. However, they all charge the same prices for short-term parking. If you park here, it’ll cost you $2 for every 20 minutes or $6 for each hour. Once you’ve been parked for 4+ hours, you’ll be charged for the whole day, which is $25.

Long-term Parking Lots at Garages

You can also leave your car at the garages for a prolonged period. They allow parking starting from overnight and up to 45 days. It costs $25 for each day. But remember, if your car stays there for over 45 days, it’ll be towed away because it is considered abandoned, according to the Florida Law.

Note: Nowadays parking reservations are not available at MIA. Keep in mind, that the airport parking lots are overcrowded, especially at weekends.

Parking miami airport

Ways to Pay at Miami Airport

To cover the parking bills at MIA garages (Dolphin and Flamingo), you can use various payment methods such as:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, etc.)
  • Samsung Wallet
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Important: The SunPass toll collection system is now prohibited from use at Dolphin and Flamingo garages.

Valet Parking at MIA

If you are not in the mood to park the car yourself, you may ask the parking attendant to do it. This kind of parking is convenient and timesaving. You can ask for this service at doors 4 and 20 in both garages. The valet will put your vehicle at one of 225 parking places, which are available at MIA.

To drop off the car and let the parking attendant care about it will cost you $25 per hour. Starting from 3 hours up to 1 day, you’ll pay $39. Each next day will cost you $39 too. The maximum amount of days at the valet parking is 20. Then the car will be towed.

Disabled Parking

The disabled parking, which guarantees individuals with disabilities access to parking places, is available at Flamingo and Dolphin garages at MIA. Passengers with the appropriate car license plate or parking permission can place their vehicles at especially reserved places. They can apply for the shuttle to the parking place as well if necessary.

Parking Limitations

Before planning to park the car at one of the MIA garages, find out, if the overall dimensions of the car pass the restrictions of Dolphin or Flamingo. In any of these faclities, you can park vehicles with a height under 7 feet. In case, if the car is 7+ feet high, you may place it in the parking section, located at the east side of the Dolphin garage. Otherwise, you may park the high car outside the Miami International Airport area.

Unfortunately, parking garages are usually busy, and often it’s impossible to leave the vehicle here. Consider private parking options in this case.

Nearby Parking Options at MIA

If you failed to find the free parking space at Dolphin or Flamingo, still you have some extra variants to leave the car for a couple of hours or days in safety. MIA travelers use nearby parking facilities to place their vehicles. Most popular of them are hotel parking lots. Very often hotels offer shuttles to the Miami International Airport. It is very convenient for MIA passengers. Look at our table to choose the hotel parking lot near MIA.

Hotel name Parking lots Rates Time to Get to MIA Free Shuttle to MIA Address
Sheraton 3-storey hotel parking garage; covered parking lots From $7 per day 1 minute Yes (goes every 15 minutes) NW 21st Street (in front of MIA)
Sonesta Covered parking lot From $6.99 per day 2 minutes Yes (goes every 30 minutes) 950 Northwest 42nd Ave
Hilton Gated parking lot From $6.99 per day 3 minutes Yes (goes every 10 minutes) 5101 Blue Lagoon dr.
Regency Covered parking lot From $6.99 per day 1.5 minutes Yes (goes every 40 minutes) Miami International Airport

1000 NW 42nd Ave.

The Remote Parking Options for MIA Passengers

Even if you were not able to score the parking lot near Miami International Airport, still you can drop off the vehicle at the remote parking facilities. It will take more time to get to the terminal building, but the rates are twice low here. Besides, the remote parking lots are secure and comfortable.

Economy Park and Ride Lot

One of the most popular parking facilities in this area is the Economy Park and Ride lot. The parking place is relatively new, and it is situated not far from the airport. “Economy Park and Ride” is located at 1350 NW 45th Ave. The price is very reasonable – just $12 per day. In November 2023 MIA bought the parking. That’s why the Miami International Airport workers are prioritized here. Although the parking consists of 460 places, still it can be overloaded, especially at weekends.

They offer a free shuttle bus at the parking. According to MIA site information, it goes every 15 minutes. The shuttle bus will take you to doors 3, 11, and 26 at Miami International Airport.

Note: According to many travelers’ reviews, you have to wait for 30-60 minutes for the shuttle bus. And it is usually overcrowded. Consider taking Uber for $10-$12 to get to the airport. You’ll still save a lot of money, especially if you are parking for a long time.

Park N Fly

Many Miami Airport passengers recommend Park N Fly facility to keep your car safe while you are enjoying your journey. This parking place has the convenient location and reasonable pricing. There’s a shuttle bus, which can take you to the airport. Some travelers complain that they have to wait up to 30 minutes for shuttle and that sometimes it can come overcrowded. But that’s the only drawback of this parking facility. The shuttle bus will get you to doors 5 and 30 at MIA.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make a picture of your parking ticket (both sides) in case if you lose it. Thus, you’ll find your car easily on your return as you have just follow the directions.

The Free Short-Term Parking Option

Many travelers are wondering if there are any free parking lots at Miami International Airport. The cell phone parking lot at MIA is free, but you may use it only as a short-term parking option. The cell phone lot is considered for the drivers, who are picking up the arriving traveler. This parking area consists of 60 places only.

So, the next time when you are at MIA use this option instead of waiting in the terminal area. Thus, you can feel more comfortable while waiting for your passenger.

As you see, there are many variants to park the car before starting your exciting trip at Miami International Airport. There are low budget and expensive options, VIP valet parking service, and even free cell phone lot for short-term waiting. So, pick up the necessary option and drop off your car easily, safely, and with comfort.