Dolphin and Flamingo Garages

Dolphin and Flamingo Garages are impressive parking lots. They both are parking facilities, operated by Miami International Airport. They designed both garages for parking vehicles not more than 2-3 meters high.

Dolphin Garage Flamingo Garage
Location 1961 Miad Cir, Kendall, FL 33126 1701 SW 63rd Ave, Kendall, FL 33126
Car height limitation 3.4 m 2.1 m
Concourses D and E E to J
Working Hours 24/7 24/7
Rates $2 per 20 minutes; $25 per 24 hours $2 per 20 minutes; $25 per 24 hours
Valet Parking on 2nd level; $6 per hour; $30 for 24 hours; maximum stay – up to 20 days on 2nd level; $6 per hour; $30 for 24 hours; maximum stay – up to 20 days
Contacts +1 305-876-0288 +1 305-876-0288

Note: Maximum daily rate is paid after 4 hours of staying in both garages.

Location of Garages

You should choose either Dolphin or Flamingo Garage, depending on the terminal you are flying from.

  • Dolphin Garage

The Dolphin Garage is located near the North Terminal at Miami International Airport. It is convenient to park here for passengers departing from concourses D and E. So, if you are a client of American Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, or JetBlue, then the Dolphin Garage is a convenient parking option for you.

Dolphin Garage has three levels, connected by an elevator and staircase. In total, the garage has a capacity of 4,400 spaces. Its address is 1961 Miad Cir, Kendall, FL 33126.

  • Flamingo Garage

flamingo Garage mia airport

At MIA, Flamingo Garage serves the Concourses from E to J. There’s an access to this parking venue from all three Terminals (North, South and Central) of Miami International Airport. This parking facility is a great option for clients of Delta, Southwest and some other Airlines.

Like Dolphin Garage, it has three levels. Its capacity is a little lower – 3,800 parking spaces. The address is 1701 SW 63rd Ave, Kendall, FL 33126.

Why People Choose Dolphin and Flamingo

Dolphin and Flamingo Garages are convenient parking facilities. That is why thousands of people leave their motors here every day. The garages are wide enough for parking maneuvers. They have spacious rooms that are well-lit. Unfortunately, the garages are not clean enough. It is also noticeable that the premises are in need of renovation. However, many people choose Dolphin and Flamingo Garages as a good option to park the car due to their comparatively low rates. Besides, both garages are situated in the territory of Miami International Airport. They are adjacent to the terminal buildings. It takes from 2 to 7 on foot minutes to get from the garages to your concourse exit.

Rates at Dolphin and Flamingo

Twenty minutes of parking in both garages will cost you $2. To leave the vehicle for a day is possible for $25. After four hours of staying the maximum daily rate is taken. There’s a variety of payment methods available at the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages, starting from credit cards and ending with cash.

They place the cars in the roomy cells in the garages. The motors are parked at a large distance from each other. Therefore, it is convenient for drivers to park the vehicles without hitting other cars.

Valet Service at Dolphin and Flamingo Garages

For those who do not want to waste time looking for a parking space, the valet parking service is available. It is located on the second levels of the Dolphin and Flamingo Garages. The valet attendant will park your car instead of you. The maximum time your car can stay here is up to 20 days. The rate is $30 for 24 hours. Staying up to 3 hours will cost you $18.

Cars left at the Dolphin Garage for a week or more should be parked on the third level. At any of the levels of any garage, the car will wait for your arrival for up to 45 days. After this period, the car is considered abandoned and towed away.

Working Hours of Dolphin and Flamingo Garages

The Dolphin and Flamingo Garages are open 24 hours a day. You can park your car (or pick it up from here) at any time. Unfortunately, a garage space cannot be reserved in advance. Both garages can be overcrowded on weekends and holidays. In this case, you need to consider other parking options.

The Dolphin and Flamingo Garages are fairly convenient and inexpensive parking facilities. They have moderately good reviews from customers. Many passengers flying from Miami Airport choose these garages to park their cars.