American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Terminal: North

Location: Inside security in the North Terminal, near Gate D30

Working Hours: Daily 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.


  • First or business class flight
  • Emerald or sapphire client’s status
  • One day pass for $150 or 15, 000 miles

American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Note: You may get the one-day pass, if you are flying by any American Airlines or Oneworld flight, regardless of service class. Keep in mind that your flight’s date should coincide with that one on your day pass (otherwise, it may be until 6 am of the following day).

Phone: +1 800-433-7300

American Airlines Flagship Lounge at Miami International Airport is worth visiting for each traveler. The huge relaxing oasis in the middle of the busy airport, this lounge has spacious work and relaxation zones, a TV room, an office premise, equipped with a computer and printer, etc. The Flagship Lounge is the perfect space for travelers needing to rest between the flights.

The AA Flagship Lounge shares the reception with the Admiral’s Club. It is accessed either through stairs or through the elevator.

The Flagship Lounge Design

American Airlines Flagship Lounge miami airport

This lounge looks respectable just from the entrance. It is decorated in grey, red, and beige colors, which are so typical for American Airlines lounges. The first thing that you see while entering the Flagship lounge is the plenty of comfortable seats. Thus, you can rest just at the entrance area.

The furniture in the Flagship Lounge is variable and very comfortable. You can find deep soft armchairs here, small little tables with lamps on them nearby. There are plenty of charge ports in the lounge, so you can be sure your devices will be recharged.

The lounge boasts not just perfect design and comfort, but also ideally cleaned premises.

Food at the AA Flagship Lounge

Food may not be the main reason, why you choose the AA Flagship Lounge among the others. Still, it is very important to have a great dinner or a small snack while you are on travel.

The food and beverage range in this lounge is one of the best you have ever seen. The beverage station boasts various kinds of drinks, both hot and cold, to satisfy any needs. Here you’ll find various kinds of vitamin water, juices, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, and even hot chocolate. To compliment your drink, there’s a selection of sweet snacks. Just opposite the counters with drinks, there’s a live cooking station.

The dining facility at the Flagship Lounge in the Miami International Airport is perfect. It looks like another lounge within the lounge. Located behind the glass door, this facility is more than just a place to eat. It’s possible to get the restaurant experience here.

To access the dining facility, you should have an international flight or the first class domestic flight. Otherwise, you should pay to enter here.

The course range is wide and it can satisfy each client with the most delicate taste. Besides, there are vegan and anti-allergic dishes.

The full-sized bar is for travelers, who are really seeking relaxation between the flights. Here you can find an extensive wine table, a cocktail menu, and even a card with premium champagne.

The AA Flagship Lounge Amenities

The AA Flagship lounge is well-equipped with modern amenities. The lounge starts with a huge relaxing zone. Different types of seats are available here to provide travelers’ with the best lounge experience. There are deep comfortable armchairs, high bar stools, comfortable office chairs, etc. To have a nap, you can use one of the soft deck chairs with big pads on it.

The working zone is also well-appointed. There are long tables here with comfortable separate seats. It’s so easy to put the laptop on the table, recharge it, use one of the energy ports, and have some work done.

The bathrooms at the Flagship Lounge are the topic of a separate talk. Roomy enough and very clean, the bathroom boasts not just purely white sinks and toilet cabins, but also large shower suits to refresh between the long flights.

The AA Flagship Lounge got mostly positive reviews from clients, which gave the highest scores to its amenities, food, and staff.