The Centurion Lounge Miami airport

Terminal: North

Location: Near gate D12, level 4

Working Hours: Daily 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

  • Access: American Express platinum or business card
  • Delta SkyMiles business card
  • One-day pass for $50 per adult and $30 per child

The Centurion Lounge at Miami International Airport enjoys popularity among American Express or Delta SkyMiles cardholders. Those MIA travelers, who don’t own such cards, may buy a one-day pass for $50. So, what will you get for that money?

The MIA Centurion Lounge Design

Most people love with their eyes, that’s why the MIA Centurion Lounge is their favorite place to stay between flights. To access the lounge, you should take an elevator. The Centurion is located on the upper floor.

It is designed in calm beige and light brown colors. It looks very naturalistic and elegant at the same time. Long ceiling-to-floor windows let lots of light in and elevate the vibe of the lounge space.

The Centurion consists of three sitting areas, three food zones, and two full-sized bars. To make your travel experience even better, the lounge is accomplished with a cozy SPA room for stress reduction and self-care while on the road.

Food and Beverages at the MIA Centurion Lounge

It’s not a secret that many travelers come to the Centurion Lounge to have a great meal. First of all, the meal is served fast in spite of long queues, which often occur in this lounge. There are plenty of seats to have a full meal or just a fast snack.

The eating area starts from the table with several electric kettles and boxes with tea bags and coffee sticks to make a hot drink. There was a syrup to add some additional taste to your coffee, which is so untypical for lounges.

Then, there are long lunch counters with plenty of dishes to enjoy. There are different types of cuisine served here, including European and Mexican. Here you can have both meat and vegetable salads, soups, roasted squash, stewed beans, grits, chimichurri chicken, in-house ice cream, etc.

To complement the main course, a very tasty drink is necessary. There are two bars at the MIA Centurion, where each traveler can find the drink one loves, either hot or cold. The first bar has an extensive menu. Here both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served. It’s possible to order bright festive cocktails, soda water, juices etc. In the second bar, just wine and beer are served.

So, the Centurion offers great eating and drinking experiences to MIA travelers.

The MIA Centurion Lounge Amenities

The MIA Centurion Lounge Amenities

There’s a wide range of amenities to provide MIA travelers with the necessary rest. The Centurion Lounge has a prolonged shape. There are comfortable armchairs just at the lounge entrance. They are accomplished by small tables, which create a great seating space for each traveler. The armchairs are deep and have great dark blue upholstery, which is both functional and aesthetic.

Then, there are two large seating areas, where you can either work or relax. In one of the rooms, there are plenty of small coffee tables surrounded by soft deep blue and burgundy armchairs. Here you can stay for several hours, drinking your coffee and enjoying a great book. You can place your laptop here, too, to have some work done.

The other seating area contains larger tables with power ports near them to recharge your gadgets. The Wi-Fi is quite fast at the Centurion, so it’s great for business purposes as well as for movie streaming.

One of the main Centurion Lounge amenities is super clean and comfortable bathrooms. They are complemented by spacious shower cabins.

The MIA Centurion Lounge gained mostly positive reviews from visitors. The clients mention the great food and drinks selection as the main advantage of the lounge. They also pay attention to the super clean aesthetic ambiance of the Centurion, its friendly staff, and lots of amenities, which make the traveling experience better.

Among the lounge’s drawbacks, the guests mention its chronic overcrowding, that’s why you there are really small chances to get inside.

Still, the Miami Centurion Lounge is worth visiting.